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Genesis Mining is in Full Swing

bitc3 Genesis Mining Time:
(UTC+8)December 18,2018 12:00-December 23,2018 12:00

Mining situation

BITC Genesis Mining total release volume


  • Today's mining situation
  • Today's total handling fee0USDT
  • 0.2USDT= 1BITC
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* Mining statement: Bitc3 mining and returning BITC is not open to users in the US and Hong Kong. Please kindly understanding

Automatic mining function

Only for VIP
Rising list
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  • Latest price
  • 24H change
  • 24H high
  • 24H low
  • 24H volume
  • 24HTurnover
Event roadmap

Event ongoing

  • Lucky Raffle
  • Prize details
  • iPhoneXS 256G
  • iPad mini4 128G
  • Beats studio3
  • Kindle
  • 1ETH  0.5ETH

Event ongoing

  • The King of Genesis mining
  • Prize details
  • NO.1:20000USDT
  • NO.2:10000USDT
  • NO.3:5000USDT

Event warm-up

  • Official Mining open competition
  • Expected prize
  • (Specific awards will change according to community needs)
  • Benz-E300
  • iPhoneXS Max 256G
  • iPad Air 128G
  • 1BTC  1ETH

bitc3 mining features:

  • 1.Similar to Bitcoin, the available BITC for mining will be decreased month by month, and deflation will be formed as the consequence.
  • 2.The mining duration for digging all BITC is expected to last for five years.
  • 3.The automatic mining functionality will be provided to improve efficiency and avoid mining attrition.
  • 4.All trading coins are applicable for mining, and any trading activities on the platform shall be mining.
  • 5.Zero requirements for mining ,no KYC certification is required.
  • 6.BITC shall be settled on a daily basis and paid out immediately.
  • 7.Instant dividends based on hourly snapshot, only the valuable dividends currency will be distributed.(USDT, BTC.)
  • 8.Mysterious Easter egg ,that is , the buyback plan will be announced at suitable time in the future.
  • 9.No pre-sales, no free gifts, no team holding synchronous thawing.
  • 10.Provide API service.

Grand opening to recruit global community representatives

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Email:[email protected]


Transaction security

In cooperation with third-party professional security certification institutions, bitc3 has customized security solutions to effectively deal with various security problems and ensure the healthy and stable operation of the platform through security scenarios such as anti-traffic attack, malicious hacking, intelligent contract vulnerability attack and phishing attack.

Wallet security

bitc3 provides a secure wallet service, which can infiltrate the wallet server directly by hackers, steal the platform, user private key, steal the platform, user digital assets and other security scenarios, and make a full scenario security plan to guarantee users' digital assetsSecurity."

Efficient engine

Independently developed efficient and stable transaction matching system, providing global users with safe, efficient and stable transaction experience

International cryptocurrency exchange platform

bitc3 focuses on providing secure, convenient and compliant blockchain asset trading services to global customers.

Building autonomous communities

The platform will provide a community autonomous zone for people to exchange ideas and make important decisions by consensus.

High dividend

bitc3 has introduced a high-dividend policy to encourage communities to hold currency and autonomy

Convenient and smooth user experience

bitc3 has made great efforts to carve the user's usage habits, conducted the whole process design system in line with the principle of experience first, and provided 7*24 hours non-stop trading service

High quality digital currency

bitc3 collects high-quality currencies in the market, providing a comprehensive kinds of digital currencies